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There are 3 really important days in a person’s life.

The day you’re born, the day you die and the day you get MARRIED.


At landiyourbigday we understand the importance of your wedding day, and how vital it is that everything goes to plan. We know that for you one of the  most important features of the day is what you’ll be wearing – Your Wedding Dress!

Most wedding dresses usually only get one outing, before either being stuffed in a cardboard box, and placed in the attic, hung at the back of the wardrobe or placed in a trunk in the basement never to see the light of day again.

We think this is a waste of money and a dress. So we offer renting your wedding dress as a cost effective alternative., whilst still ensuring you still have a fabulous big day where you’re the centre of attention. 

We have a wide range of bridal dresses for you to rent all in pristine condition. This hassle free and cost effective alternative allows you to get the wedding dress of your dreams easily and affordably. After your wedding simply return the dress. It’s that simple.

Remember: Make ensure you return your dresse(s) on the eighth day, to avoid losing your £100.00 refundable deposit.

A Few Words About Us

Always Helping Brides

landiyourbigday is based in St Albans and has very  quickly established a reputation as a premier wedding dress rental company serving the county of Hertfordshire.

As we are a small bespoke wedding dress outfitters we are able to offer excellent rental prices for all our wedding dresses.

We are based in St Albans and invite you to come down, see us, pick your dream dress and try it on.

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We want to ensure your big day is special. By providing a full range of quality rental wedding dresses suitable for your big day. We work with you to make sure that together we are able to help you find the right wedding dress for you.

Our Core Values

Our core values all centre around you and your needs. Therefore the following are some of  our values: honesty, transparency, competitive pricing, quality, listening, customer careand value for money. 

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